Join us for an educational workshop with Dr. Pham. 

Bring your questions.

Saturday, 11/03, 11 am, $30


Have you ever wished that your doctor would give you some time so that you could ask a few questions?  Well, of your doctor doesn’t have time for that, come to our educational workshop on Saturday, 11/3, at 11 am.  Dr. Pham will begin with an educational talk and will finish by answering your questions. 


In addition to your questions he will also address some of the following topics:

  • What are the main causes if disease.  What can be done to mitigate?
  • What are some of the best/worst things to do to your health?
  • What are some things that seen most often in  patients?
  • What is important about health and well-being that is not being addressed in medical school?
  • What should we all know about the medical  industry? 
  • What makes a good doctor?
  • What should we know about supplements, medications, eastern/western medicines/practices, etc.?

COST: $30 at the door.