"I have been a client of Larisa ( Wellness Achieved ) for 7 years.  On August 19th, 2016 I had a large back surgery ( L3-L4-L5 fusion with 2 rods ).  I suffer from Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine.  On March 9th, 2017 I returned to Pilates with Larisa.  On August 21st, 2017 I went back to Dr. Wang at the University of Miami for my one year follow-up.  He was pleasantly surprised. He attributed my successful recovery, in part, to the years of Pilates prior to the surgery and continuing to practice as part of my recovery.  He was very impressed with my posture due to practicing Pilates after my surgery.  Larisa continues to be a staple of my exercise regimen." Any X, 8/2017


"I have been attending Wellness Achieved for the past 3 years.  I started with Yoga, which brought significant physical improvements not only in terms of flexibility and strength, but also emotionally by helping me better cope with the daily stress of life. I progressively added other programs, such as diet programs to lower body fat percentage, Reformer classes, and weight/cardio workouts.  She is now helping me train for an eight hour obstacle course race. Not only are her programs and routines helping me train for this race, but there have also been significant improvement in my level of strength, coupled with body fat percentage dropping from 21% to 18% over a two year period, and moving from 180 lbs. to 170 lbs. My body’s chemistry also improved  with cholesterol level dropping 30% over the prior year, which could be attributed not only to exercises, but also a combination of an healthier eating habits taught to me by Larisa. Overall I feel more energetic and vital than 20 years ago! (I’m 42 today)

It is also worth mentioning that while I have limited mobility on my right upper body due to an accident during childhood, Larisa has helped me learn and incorporate key exercises and movements that have enhanced range of motion, reducing overall pain and discomfort.  She has tailored the programs around my body and my goals."  Alex Russel, 2017

"I met Larisa about 8 months ago (2012).  I'm 38 years old and while I've been very active, I had a severe accident when I was eight that left me without a tricep and with almost no ability to rotate my right arm.  This has created additional tension in my middle and upper back, neck and shoulders.  I take one to three Yoga classes per week and then we work privately on my shoulder girdle and core.  I have regained around 30% of the rotational range I had lost, learned how not to compensate with other muscles and how to best use all back muscles to avoid injuries. The Yoga classes are a good balance between a real workout and calming the nerves.  I am more flexible and have fewer join pains.  I recently had my annual physical and the doctors were impressed with my flexibility, strength and overall health level given my office job which demands lots of time on planes and long hours sitting in the same position.  It has been a very rewarding experience."    Alex Russell, 2013

"After almost a year doing Pilates with Larisa I just got the results of my bone density test. My doctor was so impressed she said the scan looked almost" textbook perfect". A major improvement over the last two years and I'm well into my 60s. Also my stomach is as flat as it has ever been." Alda T., 2/2017

"Taking Pilates for the last 9 years has markedly improved my osteoporosis.  I had a bone density scan in 2014 and learned that I had some improvement since starting Pilates.  I recently had another bone density scan and the results showed a much greater improvement.  Pilates has helped toughen my bones and condition my entire body by strengthening my muscles and my core.  Pilates has been proven to increase my bone density and help my body better support bones made brittle by osteoporosis.  Also, Pilates has improved my flexibility and posture, which can help keep my bones in alignment.  My Doctor encouraged me to keep up the good work, and to continue with Pilates as active therapy.  I believe continuing with Pilates will continue to improve my physical condition.  My advice to others is not to give up and stick with Pilates – with results like mine you will see and feel the difference.  The density scans don’t lie." Roberta S., 12/2016

"As you know I came to your studio a few months ago suffering severe back problems caused by spending too many hours at my office sitting in my chair and working. But after just this short time of Pilates instruction with you my back pain is gone! And that's not all. My core muscles are stronger, and the muscles in my arms and legs look fantastic! Even my husband notices and always tells me how great I look." Cristiana B., 12/16

I have been practicing Pilates at this studio for 2 years and it has transformed my body.  Improvement in strength, flexibility, posture, and overall well being have increased my energy and fitness level, and given me a positive approach to aging. The benefits of core strength gained are too numerous to count. Larisa is extremely knowledgeable in this and other health and well being practices. With small class size, she tailors the hour-long workout to the group she is working with and watches each student carefully. She notices and corrects technique and form which prevents injury and ensures maximum benefit. I will continue taking class here as long as I can move!   Randy W., 2/16

Personalized service that is "just right"!  Larissa is a skilled instructor and extremely experienced in rehabilitating your body and giving adaptations to injuries or weakness to maximize your fitness level and overall health. Extremely positive and well balanced instruction.  Jess S., 2/2016

In a few short months I have tightened my abs, strengthen by back, which was operated on 7 years ago, I'm much more flexible thanks to Larisa. She is quite knowledgeable and takes her her job seriously. Individual attention is key!   Allie T., 2/2016

Larisa's expertise has improved my physical and mental wellness. I have been getting stronger with my 3 or so visits a week for 5 years now. Longest time I have stuck to any work out!!  Greg M., 2/2016

I was involved in an slip and fall accident that had resulted in injury to lower back, sacroiliac joints and tailbone.  I woke up with lower back pain daily for months and had reduced mobility. After months of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, I was able to reduce the lower back pain but still had difficulty holding my pelvic alignment after treatments.   As part of my rehab plan, my physical therapist recommended I start taking Pilates Reformer classes to strengthen my core.  I reviewed a lot of classes offered in the area and chose Wellness Achieved because of their personal attention and focus on working with individuals with injuries.   I purchased a package of Reformer classes and explained to Larisa my condition.  After 8 reformer classes with her, I felt the difference, my flexibility and mobility increased and back pain diminished. I have done 12 reformer classes and 8 mat classes so far and when I recently went for a check up with my physical therapist I was told my pelvic alignment was finally stable.  My Doctor attributes all of this to the Pilates classes with Larisa.  Pilates does work and I recommend anyone who has lower back issues to take Reformer and Mat classes with Larisa... you will have a stronger core, leaner muscles, better posture and body alignment.  Gineen B, 7/20/15


I am so happy to share the good report from my recent bone density test.  The doctor called to tell me that the radiologist who read the report told her to tell me, "to keep doing whatever it is I am doing because women who are 20 years younger than I am would love to have my results."   When I told her that I did Pilates with you 3 times a week, her comment was , "Well there you go!  That's what you're doing so right!  Keep doing it."  Everyone, especially women over 60, should be doing Pilates on a regular basis.  Also, it has slowed down the progression of osteopenia.  Judy D., 5/13/15


I have osteopenia, particularly in my hip.  I have taken Pilates for several years, and know that it helps my discomfort.  This was confirmed recently when I had bone density scans that showed less percentage of bone loss than previously.  The key is that you have to keep up with Pilates.  It takes a while to have an effect, but my doctor told me that the stretching has kept me limber.  Pilates has also helped me with back issues.  Roberta Shephard, 11/05/14


I injured my neck in 2012. After exhausting different treatment possibilities without results, I had surgery in March 2014. To ensure full recovery, I did physical therapy. The therapy didn't help with strengthening the neck, assisting with the stiffness nor the flexibility. Because the therapy didn't improve mobility I decided to try pilates. I'm very happy with how the pilates has helped regain strength and mobility in my neck. Also vital to my situation is having the instructor be extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it works. She is able to stretch and work muscles that are important to the area of injury. I've now worked with Larisa for about 2 months and have a vast improvement in my range of motion since. I would without a doubt recommend pilates with Larisa.  The only complaint I have is not starting sooner!  Bea C., 9/23/201


I was a previous Yogi and had been out of the loop for a few years now, I decided to get back into it this year and I have to admit ... I was a little scared! But my experience today was nothing short of amazing! The teacher was delightful and the class was informative and well balanced! The teacher gave us the opportunity to challenge ourselves each at our own level ... this was comforting and in no way did I feel obligated to do more than I was capable of doing. I really enjoyed this class and will return for more! I now feel super energized and ready to dive back into a world I deeply missed! Yoga is by far the most incredible way to get in touch with every muscle in your body and gain balance, as well as clear the mind. The bonus was the calming ending with lavender oil, sigh .... soooooooo amazing! This was truly my best decision this year so far! Looking forward to my next class! ღ      Tracy Buysse, 1/14/2015


I only come here on vacation from New York. I mainly do yoga and I can say by Far I have had the best yoga experience here. Real teachers with in depth knowledge. I learn every time I take a class its not just fitness. I Love it!  Stephanie Almeida, 12/19/2014


I really loved this studio. Close to the beach and no a/c which I loved. Not quite as hot as hot yoga but I did get some good perspiration going. The teacher, Larisa was very knowledgeable and lead the class perfectly. It was a beginners class but holding some of the poses made me work a little bit harder. Larisa really worked on alignment and paid attention to each student correcting their pose all through the class. I can honestly say that if you need to get your asanas right this is the place to go. You're not left alone to hope that you are doing it right. You know you are!!!! Thank you Larisa, I'll be back soon!  Susan F., 9/10/14


The place is located down a quite side street close to the beach. There is free two hour parking behind the building. Inside has a beautiful wood flooring and a nice big window with curtains to let in just enough light to make it relaxing. They supplied yoga mats free of charge and the instructor was very personable, asking questions like "If this was my first class?", "do I have any concerned pain areas?" Larisa was very welcoming. The bathroom was very clean.  They have a cubby to put your belongings close by. They leave one door open to get fresh air , there is no AC so it is almost like a hot yoga class although not as hot. The instructor taught the class in a very calm teachable manner. She walked around and explained  each of the positions so that they were done correctly. As well as helpful tips to get into the right pose. I really enjoyed our last 5 minutes of guided meditation. I did get a great  work out and felt refreshed after the class. I definitely will be back and highly recommend Wellness Achieved!   Meghan S., 8/21/14


"I attended the Saturday morning Int/Adv. class and it was such an amazing workout.  It has been a while since I've done yoga, so it was very challenging for me, but felt great.  The instructor was motivating and the class was so small so I felt that I got a lot of personal attention, which I like.  She corrected my form or pushed me a little further."    Tiahna Larsen


It was a really small class (four people) and with such an intimate setting, Wayne was really able to give us that one-on-one that we needed. Between the personal attention and the different options for positions he provided to those of us who weren't too skilled, it was a dream.  I used to do yoga years ago and when I relocated to Broward, I stopped altogether. I've spent many months on trying to find a new studio and I think I just did. Excellent ambiance, excellent instructor.           Beatriz S.


At 55 years of age(2013), I had learned to live with some restricted movement due to an issue with my right hip and my right leg being slightly shorter than the left.  However, my initial reason for taking Pilates was to attack my midsection which seemed to be expanding wreaking havock on my level of self confidence.  I contacted Larisa after passing by her studio on Commercial Blvd.  I started with mat Pilates several times a week and soon after decided to try reformer classes.  I began to notice that not only was my midsection beginning to shrink but I was feeling stronger.  Best of all my leg and hip movement has become much less restricted and I look forward to every class.  I have invested in many methods of exercise in my lifetime and Larisa's Pilates has proven to be one of the best and most effective.  Elyse P.

Larisa's "Just Yoga" DVD is downright addicting. She has a gift for sequencing that's both intuitive and rooted in a deep understanding of mechanics. Alchemizing her passions for wellness, physics, and 'being,' her in-person instructions made my body feel like a little universe. I love her teaching!                   Karolyn K.


I am a marathoner who always rejected core training.  I tried everything from gym workouts to in-home equipment to videos/DVDs from my running coaches.  Nothing lasted or interested me to the degree that I felt it was worth the further time commitment.  I started Pilates with Larisa at the beginning of September (2011).   She changed not just the way I feel but the speed and strength I have when I run.  The core and back muscles I have built through Pilates allow me to give my legs relief when I begin to feel fatigue during training runs and races. I can actively engage either muscle group to help me maintain my speed and continue through the distance.  New PRs and maintaining a steady, consistent pace are the easily identifiable results.  I no longer have pain in my neck and across the tops of my shoulders (particularly in my traps).  Larisa is as much a part of my training team as my running coach.  She works very hard to understand me as an individual with individual goals and needs and is a VERY largepart of making me a faster, better runner and also a stronger, healthier person.       June P.


Some years ago, I had major shoulder surgeries.  I just had my annual visit with my orthopedic surgeon (January 2012).  He was very impressed at the significant increase in my range of motion since my last visit.  I credit the improvement as a result of my sessions at the Studio over the last five months.                                                      Charles F.


I sustained an injury some time ago that resulted in a torn IT band in my right leg. In May of this year, prior to starting my workout routine with you Jen, I had a constant pain in my hip, felt some pain in the opposite knee, and felt myself limping slightly at the end of a long day. At night my sleep was interrupted by the ache in my hip.   Today, 5 months into my new routine, I have no aches or pains anywhere, nor any favoritism of my right leg, and have greatly enhanced my overall strength and flexibility.        Charlotte Russell


I have been receiving private Pilates lessons from Larisa for about a year (2011)  I had major back surgery in November of 2009. It was not successful.  My pain management doctor suggested I try pilates.  I see Larisa twice a week and I have been able to reduce my pain by strengthening my core. I have also toned up and have visible triceps.  She is very patient, extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and has taught me how to relax and reduce my anxiety through pilates and breathing techniques. Her fee is VERY reasonable (added plus). I highly recommend her as I feel great every time I leave my lesson!      Aimee Levine


I have suffered from auto-immune arthritis for 13 years. Every year it seemed that I would loose a bit more strength and I got to the point that my heart would pound and I had to rest after the simplest tasks.  In the past I have always been very athletic. Lately, every time I began a new fitness regimen I would get some kind of injury and be instructed by my Doctor to stop until I was better.  As the years went by I just began to loose more strength which in turn caused me to have more injuries.Then I found Pilates. Pilates gives me strength, flexibility, and the ability to work while protecting my weak spots until I gain the strength to use those areas, too. Using the correct form prevented me from further injury.Though I am still in pain, I am no longer weak and fearful that I will fall or cause some other injury that would prevent me from living normally. As an added bonus I have lost 18 lbs and 9 inches off both my hips and thighs. My posture is back to what it was 20 years ago, and my flexibility is terrific!                                                    Nancy Dvorak


I have been using the services offered at the studio for a few years now, and although I have always done some form of exercise or another, I cannot express the strength that I have accomplished for supporting my lower back. I rarely have any back pain if at all.  The training has also lessened the pain I used to experience due to a neck injury.  This is all from the work in Pilates.                           Pamela M.


I started with Larisa 4 months (May 2010) looking to look better for my wedding day.  Since then I have lost 3 sizes and a cup size for my strapless wedding dress!! It is the best thing I have done for myself in my life.  The day I walked by her studio and stopped, changed my life. I still do Pilates and will never stop! I can do things I never thought I would be able to and I feel so much better.  She stops you if you're doing something incorrect and corrects you (then you really feel it). I do 30 minutes of aerobics and 30 minutes of Pilates three days a week.  Now my goal is to quit smoking and keep exercising.    Peggy Mohler


67 year old, advanced stage 4 cancer survivor with all expected issues of lack of energy, strength, stamina, and lower back pain specific to need for core rehabilitation - Pilates, particularly one with supervision from Larisa over the past year, has impacted dramatically the rebuilding of my core, reversing the atrophy of my muscles, and with dietary instructions assisted positively with energy and stamina.  There are a number of Pilates instructors, however Larisa offers the difference in knowledge and experience.   Wes Rogers


I have worked with Larisa for over 5 years. She has a keen sense of really understanding her clients and formulating ways in which they can make their lives better.  Not only is Larissa superior when training with Pilates and Yoga, she is also fantastic when training in more mainstream avenues. I have trained with her through several important phases of my life.  She got me in fantastic shape before my wedding and after; she was phenomenal at training me throughout my pregnancy (I am convinced it is why I had such an easy pregnancy); and now she is getting me back in top shape. I rely on her also for her extensive knowledge of nutrition and how the body works.  She is so very knowledgeable with regards to nutrition and what is best for your body.  Whether you are simply looking for getting healthy, loosing weight, or approaching a specific problem, she knows what will work best.  She'll get you physically fit, healthier than you thought possible through nutrition, and help to bring you back in tune with your own body.  Larisa is by far the best trainer I have ever known...she ties everything together to get you to achieve optimum wellness.  I would recommend her to absolutely anyone who is thinking of taking a step to better wellness and health.         Melissa T.


 I have known Larisa Klein personally and professionally for over two years and in that time I have found her to be dependable, honest and professional.  I have requested patients to work with Larisa using Pilates to help strengthen particular areas of he body and in all cases she followed my precautions and was successful in assisting with the treatment of the patients.       Dr. Harrietta Cecarelli


As an iron-man triathlete, it is important for me to train with people who are extremely knowledgeable about their craft. Larisa is an extremely attentive instructor who really knows what she's talking about. I enjoy working with her and appreciate what she has helped me to accomplish.                                                                                                  K. Fisher


6 Years ago I was diagnosed with a muscular disease called Fibromyalgia and degenerated discs in my spine. I found that exercise helped control the pain caused by both of these problems. High Impact aerobic exercise was too hard on my joints and muscles, so I tried Pilates as an alternative. Larisa was able to balance my muscle strength and flexibility through Pilates workouts and yoga. Since then I have been able to control my pain more effectively. Wellness Achieved is highly recommended for anyone trying to manage any illness or injury!                                                     Laura Taglione


I have been doing Pilates with Larisa for about two years now and I've never felt better.  In the past my workout consisted of walking six miles a day, every day, or one hour of the eliptical and 30 minutes of weight training five days a week.  I was not very nice to my body. There's only so much the body can take and my body, especially my knees, had had enough. I ended up with three meniscus tears and had arthroscopic knee surgery in December of 2007. Three weeks after surgery I was back to Pilates with Larisa. She has been slowly helping me build the muscle in my left thigh and I have seen a huge improvement in my strength. But the most important thing I can say about my experience with Larisa's PIlates is that it is more gentle on the body, it gives you a great sweat inducing workout in 30 minutes, two to three times week, and it will give you a very toned body if you are consistent.  My arms, back, and abs have never looked the way they look now, even with all the working out I did. Pilates with Larisa is a very thorough workout without the aches and pains of other workouts and it is, at least for me, very calming and therapeutic for the mind.  Eat a healthy diet and do Pilates twice a week and you won't believe the results.                                             ELAINE ROGERS


Seven months ago I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right hip. Surgery was the opinion of two orthopedic surgeons, but I needed to wait until February to schedule the minimally invasive procedure.  A friend recommended I call Larissa at Wellness Achieved to see if Pilates could relieve my symptoms.  I was amazed at Larissa's expertise. Her knowledge of my body's strengths and weaknesses allowed me to improve my alignment and relieve a great deal of stress on my hip.  My posture has improved, as well as my muscle tone.  I feel my body is prepared for surgery in a way I never could have achieved without Larissa and Pilates.             Sandra Prober


When I hurt my neck, I looked for a method of exercise that would strengthen my back and neck without doing further damage to my neck.  I read about Pilates and had taken one class somewhere else that gave me greater pain.  Larisa took the time and effort to get the maximum benefit from Pilates without further damage to my neck. After only three months, my neck has improved and my total body is stronger and more fit. I not only endorse Pilates, but have found that it takes a teacher with patience to work through existing problems to get the full benefit of the program.     PAMELA MEREIDER


I began training with Larisa after being diagnosed with osteoporosis and mild scoliosis.  Larisa is very knowledgeable and adapted a personal program to meet my needs. My bone strength has improved remarkably and my posture is getting better all the time. I am very pleased with Wellness Achieved and find the atmosphere and staff professional with a balance of personal care for each client.                                                                              PAMELA McNAUGHTON


After 3 children, I was able to look "HOT" at my high school reunion. Larisa really knows her stuff! As a massage therapist, I noticed an increase in my strength during my work with clients. This happened just after a few sessions. I never knew that my core muscles would make such a difference.  Anyone who is looking for a way to get in shape for a lifetime, must at least try her SPECIAL OFFER.                 Amanda Haley


I've been working with Larisa for over 2 years and her Pilates training has transformed my body! I had terrible posture and very weak core muscles. My abs are now flat and strong and my body is lean and toned. I'm also now getting complimented on my great posture! Larisa is more than a Pilates instructor; she is a great life coach. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and stress-management. She is also extremely attentive and she really cares about her clients.   Jen Lemieux


I wanted to strengthen my arms, have more overall flexibility, and not be bored. I got all of that and more! I got the confidence to safely lift my grandchildren in and out of their car seats. It feels good to have your muscles able to handle extra weight. My daughter and I attend a duet session which is enjoyable and affordable. I will never return to the gym. Larisa focuses on each person...you have her full attention. She corrects your form and encourages your efforts. She is a gifted Pilates instructor...your health is her passion. Bring a friend and see what I mean!        Patty H.


I retired and moved to Florida to be near my son. After a year, I noticed it was very hard to go up and down stairs, I was tired all the time and had gained weight. I didn't like the way I looked, so I stayed home a lot. I really felt as though I were dying. One day my son called and said that his fiance had made an appointment for a trial Pilates lesson and he was picking me up at 1:00. We took a trial class and as we progressed, I was getting hooked. When we were finished (I kid you not) I felt 10 years younger and I knew I had found the answer to what I needed. Since that day, I have taken at least 3 hours a week, have lost over 50 pounds and 3 sizes and can even wear skinny jeans!  ll this at 69 years old! With Pilates, it is never too late.  My instructor, Larisa of Wellness Achieved, has brought me along according to my strengths and what I wanted to accomplish, without me ever getting hurt or sore and always looking forward to my next session. Pilates, to me, is as important as air, water and food. I will never be without it. Larisa has been so patient, knowledgeable about her craft and nutrition and seemed to enjoy taking on the challenge of an overweight 69-year-old. She has celebrated with me each pound and inch lost.                                                        Liz David