Join our Mat Pilates teacher training program in Fort Lauderdale.  Program is of the full classical Pilates repertoire.  We also offer an optional contemporary addendum for people who need more challenge or are unable to do the full advanced material due to spinal conditions, etc.  

INTERMEDIATE MAT - 9/22 - 9/24

ADVANCED MAT - 11/10 - 11/13

PROGRAMS - 8 person maximum class. 

MAT – Basic Intermediate, Advanced.  Classical & Wellness Achieved.

1.      Complete eight classes prior to intensive. 

2.      Complete Anatomy & Physiology:

          workshops/college course/

3.      Complete assigned reading.  Level 1: Return to life, Joseph Pilates

         Level 2,3: Pilates Anatomy, Rael Isacowitz,  Karen Kipplinger.   

4.      Complete weekend long intensive, 15 hours. (per level)

5.      Pass written exam.

6.      10 hours of training friends/family in one month.  Practical exam 4 weeks from end of intensive.



STUDIO EQUIPMENT - Reformer Trapeze Table/Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Magic Circle.

                 1.      Attend 18 hours of classes and two hours of private sessions.

2.      Complete Anatomy & Physiology workshops/college course/

3.      Complete assigned reading.

4.      Attend 4 consecutive weekend intensives per level.  Approximately 25 hours per weekend.

5.      Observe instructor: 10 hrs.

6.      Self-practice: 10 hrs. 

7.      Assist instructor: 20 hrs.

8.      Practice teaching with friends, family, etc.: 50 hrs. 

9.      Pass written exam per level. 

10.  Pass practical exam per level, six months after end of last intensive. 


ROLLOLOGY - 10/13, 14, 15

This course is the foundation to become a Licensed Rollologist. The course will review using the roller for basic posture and alignment corrections. In addition to creating core strength, balance, stretching muscles, pain relief and creating flexibility in the spine and neck. The LR course consists of 22 hours of classroom and particle training. You will be required to complete 10 hours of practice teaching. Within 60 days you must either test out or send a 1 hour Rollology Class that you have taught with at least 4 clients. You will review the video with Alyson Limehouse, the founder. You will receive your License after these requirements are met. Class Friday 3PM-9PM, Saturday, and Sunday 9AM-5PM.

What you get:
You will receive 1 Rollology Roller , workbook, PMA CEU hours, 6 months no license fee, and other helpful tools to achieve your goals.

Total hours:  32 Cost:$750.00  Early Bird: $499.00 until September 15th.