"I have had high cholesterol levels for as long as I can remember.  I started taking Rargenix Prevention Mix a while ago, and recently doubled my daily dose to 2 and 1/2 scoops a day.  I just got my most recent blood test and found that my level went down 45 points.  I attribute this to the Mix, and at this rate, my levels will be in the normal range in no time. I strongly recommend that anyone with cholesterol issues to use the Mix. Thank you Larisa for making this terrific product." * Roberta S., 2017

"A Type 2 Diabetic for about 6 years, I wondered how Roarganix would affect my blood sugar and interact with my oral medications and daily insulin injections.  I used cautiously, mixing it in smoothies, juices, and even iced coffee. The taste was not pronounced as I feared. I noticed that I could go longer between the snacks I needed to prevent my blood sugar from going too low; I wondered if Roarganix was the reason. 

As a diabetic I must have frequent blood work to determine the effectiveness of my medications on cholesterol and glucose.  From the time I began to use Roarganix my labs continued to improve, while making no other lifestyle or medication changes. In the past 6 months, my A1c, which measures blood sugar over a 3 month period, went from a managed 6.1, to a very good 5.8 and most recently, to a perfect, non-diabetic 5.7.  With such excellent results, my endocrinologist has lowered my daily insulin dose. My cholesterol has also continued to lower to its current 163. 

Nothing else has changed in my habits; I have always exercised for 45 minutes a day, I eat properly, and keep stress at a minimum.  The only difference in my health protocol was the daily addition of Roarganix.   In addition to my improved labs, I have not been sick one day in the past 7-8 months since I began to use Roarganix. While this is my personal story and not a scientific study, I have become a firm believer in the effectiveness of this product and will continue to use it as part of my allover health regimen. " * Randi W., 12/16

"After a relocation to Florida, I started feeling run down and like I was always on the verge of getting sick.  I started adding the Roarganix Prevention Mix to my morning smoothies and now I feel more energized and not like I am always fighting something off.  I also didn't catch that cold that got everyone this winter!" (2016) Carole Cohen, VP Player Develop., Seminole Gaming *

I purchased Roarganix, which derives from organic, raw, high nutrient food sources, as a superior dietary supplement.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t like the taste but was pleased to find it a “friendly” flavor that blends well with other foods such as juices, smoothies, milk products, almond milk, and more. I even enjoy putting it in my afternoon coffee as the predominant flavor is cacao.   As I age and as a diabetic who must eat small portions frequently, it is important that everything I consume has nutritional value. I find that Roarganix, when mixed with other foods, is a simple way to accomplish that. *  Randi.

"I love the quality of the RoarganiX Prevention Mix Powder. It is low on fats and carbs, all the ingredients are organic and high in vitamins, and I get all those benefits plus the fiber I am looking for.  It mixes well with my smoothie or just plain water, and best of all it tastes great!"  Roberta Shepherd *

Let me tell you why I really LIKE and love the chocolate ROARGANIX mix.  I mix it with 8 ounces of cold water, a 1/4 teaspoon of Truvia and 1/2 or whole banana and I blend it with the Cuisinart Smart Stick!  Yum!  It's my breakfast.  I have found out that Roarganix satisfies my appetite, helps me with digestion and mostly with CRAVINGS.  Do yourself a loving favor and try it!  Highly recommend it!  Isabel a Pilates/Yoga enthusiast. *