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Larisa Klein - PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher.  Yoga.  Coaching.  Personal training for special conditions.

Larisa has been teaching since 1997.  She has extensive experience working with cancer survivors, people with various physical special conditions (joint/spinal injuries/operations/replacements/MS/etc.), internal special conditions (schizophrenia, drug/alcohol addictions), triatheletes and Olympians.  She is a black belt with full competition experience, a current practitioner of Kung Fu, and has a MA in Mathematics and a second BS in Alternative Medicine.       


Carmen Snider - Power Pilates Certified Pilates Teacher.  Gyrokineses.

Holds a Science from Purdue University and has over 20 years of professional and active fitness teaching experience.  She holds a wide range of fitness certifications including a comprehensive Pilates certification through Power Pilates.  She has experience working people of any level as well as special populations (injuries, etc.)  She also holds Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis certifications.