Wellness Achieved.



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Wellness Achieved.



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Our Ft. Lauderdale Pilates and Yoga studio offers multiple programs to create a more adaptable and pliable body.  We offer classical Pilates based programs that incorporate contemporary material and knowledge.  Our Yoga program, while strong to the body, aims to challenge your mind.  Our specialty is working with people with special conditions.  Whether working with artificial joints, recovering from cancer, or dealing with pain for any reason, we can create a program that will strengthen you while keeping you safe.  The teacher training program covers the mat, all studio equipment, classical repertoire with contemporary addendums.  We also offer coaching programs that address anything from learning how to eat healthy, to reducing anxiety and panic attacks, to developing better use of your mind.   

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7, 10 am Reformer Class

9 am Yoga Basics

10 am Gyrokinesis

11:30 Mat Pilates (level 2/3)

4 pm Int./Adv. Yoga

5:30 pm Mat Pilates, level 3

privates during non-class time


6 am Vinyasa/Strength Yoga

7 - 7:30 am Plyometrics: Jumpboard

8 am Mat Pilates, level 1/2

8,9,10 Reformer class

11-12:30 Int./Adv. Yoga

5:30 pm, 6:30 pm Reformer

privates during non-class time


7, 8, 10 am Reformer

6 pm Reformer

privates during non-class time


7 am Reformer

8:30 - 9 am Plyometrics: Jumpboard

9 am Mat Pilates, level 2/3

10 am Foam Roller

10-11 am Ballet Fusion

6 pm Reformer

privates during non-class time


7:30 am Int./Adv. Yoga

9 am Reformer

10 am Reformer


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Rates & Policies

Rates & Policies

Yoga/Mat PilatesPilates Studio EquipmentPrivate
Intro Special4 Classes: $484 Reformer: $8530 min. evaluation $0
4-Pack$100 (exp. 6 weeks) $240
8-Pack$100$195 (exp. 10 weeks) $400
MonthlyUnlimited: $1305 Reformers $100
Monthly Combo 1 4 Ref. + 4 Mat/Yoga $140
Monthly Combo 28 Ref. + 4 Mat /Yoga $190
Unlimited any class $290

Studio etiquette, etc.

  • Reformer classes and private sessions require reservations and have a 90 minute cancelation policy. 
  • Monthly memberships offer large discounts but expire in 30 days as required by Fl. state law for an un-bonded health studio.  If unable to make up a Reformer class during existing schedule you may trade it for a 30 min. private session or a mat/Yoga class.   
  • Please cancel and reschedule your classes; no shows are forfeited. 
  • Kindly avoid wearing strong perfumes.
  • Please bring small towels and place on machine during your practice.  We clean the machines after every use, but using a towel keeps the equipment that much cleaner for YOU. 
  • If you live out of state, please use your classes before you leave.  Classes do not carry forward to following year.